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Are you unemployed or under-employed? Have you been laid off or received a notice of lay-off? If so, you might qualify for a WIOA Pasco government grant that can really help you get trained, certified and placed in your new job. There is no cost to you. Let’s see if you qualify!

If you qualify for a WIOA Pasco grant, here are a few of of the Preferred Certifications that can accelerate your career:

Hot Jobs in Pasco County

With the number of computer networks doubling every five years, the job demand for Information Technology workers continues to shoot up for this high paid career. If you qualify you can use the grant to get the certifications the employers we work with are looking for|: CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware and more

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Security Analysts is projected to grow by 37 percent between 2012 and 2022, which is much better than average. Cyberseek.org’s supply and demand heat map shows over 700,000 job openings across the United States. Some markets are even better than others. The Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg job market pays well, because it has over 10,000 job opening and the number of certified workers is very small. The cyber-crime epidemic is expected to triple the number of open positions over the next five years. Employers desperately need workers who are certified in Security+, CISSP, Certified Security Analyst (CySA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Cisco CCNA Security

If you have management experience, one of the most high demand job opportunities is in project management. In the Tampa/St. Petersburg job market the need is especially strong for project managers and pays quite well.  The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most sought after certification for this field. Forbes magazine consistently ranks this certification in their top five every year. Other certifications in this field include ITIL, PMI-Agile, and Scrum Master

Every year, more businesses are realizing the benefits Business Analysts offer. Because of this, the Business Analyst job market is expected to grow at a rate of 19% over the next 10 years! With that amount of growth, organizations are already competing for every Business Analyst they can find and pay good salaries.  One of the biggest changes to this career is the need for business intelligence skills, like Excel, SQL, Power BI and Tableau. Companies now mostly depend on data analysis technologies like Big Data analysis for company growth. With the right certifications, business analysts will get the business intelligence skills they need to excel in their careers.

Responsible administrative assistants perform a variety of administrative jobs and clerical tasks. Duties include providing support to managers and employees, assisting in daily office needs and managing the company’s general administrative requirements. The more qualified administrative assistants can make a surprisingly good salary if they have the necessary requirements. Certifications like Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and QuickBooks can really help to move up in this profession.

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

Mr. McGuirk was very instrumental in helping me determine my educational path. I gave him my list of career and training objectives. He charted my options and identified advantages for each course available. He also explained career potential for each class. His guidance contributed to my finding my new job. (Thank you! Thank you!)
WIOA Grant testimonial for Cyber Security Career
Ronni Jones
IT Security and Compliance Analyst
Dewey was very communicative and took the time to sit with me and outline my goals and how the training material will carve out my career path…The instructors were top notch and worked effortlessly to ensure that all students were up to speed on the material. It was noticeable that the instructors fully understood the material and were prepared for any and all questions that came their way.
Kyle Metzger
Project Manager
Dewey was extremely helpful in guiding me into an appropriate choice of program to match my interests and current job demands of our area…I would highly recommend New Horizons.I found it to have a really great atmosphere. Very friendly and always helpful staff.
Lisa Baresi-Smith
PC Technician
I met Dewey at a job fair. He told me about the PMP program and grants available in the area. I have thought about attaining my PMP in the past with professional and volunteer projects. Dewey was a great coach. He knew what skills were needed int he market and best classes to take. He even let me know the best instructors to insure my success. The PMP training is one of the best training that I received. I would recommend New Horizons for the WIOA program for job seekers. Dewey knows the WIOA program and what classes qualify.
Jennifer Smith
Strategic Account Manager
The admission representative was very courteous, helpful and professional. He provided all the necessary information for me to meet my goal. I would definitely recommend New Horizons. The way I was treated by staff along with the way the course was presented left me extremely satisfied
karl's testimonial for WIOA grants, unemployment grants
Karl Joseph
Network Engineer II
New Horizons provided all the resources I needed to pass the certification exams on my first try. (They) provided more help than anyone in finding a job--not only have they prepared me for the job but they have helped me get the "at bats" with interviews that are equally necessary for landing a job.
James Falzone
Help Desk

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is a WIOA Pasco grant?

It is called the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). it is a jobs program. It provides free training grants to aid workers get trained, certified and placed in high demand careers such as information technology, cyber-security, business intelligence, project management and more. The idea is that there are professions in which there are not enough certified workers and there are declining careers in which there are too many people. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) tries to fix this problem by providing free funding for career training in high demand fields to those who qualify for this grant. This training is designed to make your skills marketable so you can get hired and return to the workforce. This is a grant, not a loan. If you qualify, everything is covered, even the exam. The amounts vary by county but can be as high as $10,000 in some areas.


Can I use the WIOA Pasco grant for any program I want?

This is a jobs program so you must select something where there is a high expectation of employment. Each county has a regionally targeted occupations list (RTOL) to choose from. They want to make sure you select an occupation that is in high demand. For each approved career, there will be approved  training plans to choose from.

How do I qualify for a WIOA Pasco grant?

The three most typical classes are: Dislocated Worker, Adult Low Income and Youth (18 -25). If you were laid off (or your position was eliminated or you were let go because of a reduction in force) from your last job, terminated, received a notice of layoff or are a military spouse you could be eligible as a Dislocated worker. If you are on Food Stamps or government assistance, or have low income based on last 6 month’s earnings and family size, then you could be eligible under Adult Low Income. For youths age 18-24, you might be eligible if you are not enrolled in school. You must also be determined to be “suitable.” This is not an entitlement. The process is convoluted so it is best to discuss this with us first to see if you qualify.

What types of career choices are best under this program?

if you qualify for a WIOA Pasco grant, you need to select a plan that can be finished in a short period of time that will increase your marketability enough to help get you a job. We look at the best ways to take advantage of your experience to add a certification that will make you attractive to hiring managers and easier to place. Some career choices are perfect for this: cyber-security, information technology, project management, business analyst, human resources, executive secretaries and administrative assistants etc.

Is there a catch or any hidden costs? I always have a hard time believing anything is free.

There is no charge to you if you qualify for a WIOA Pasco grant. No reimbursement or any out of pocket expenses. This is a grant, not a loan. Even the exam(s) are paid for. So what is the catch? We will be working with an extremely bureaucratic government agency. The steps are overly complicated. A number of schools are hesitant to work with WIOA if they can avoid doing so. I strongly advise you consult with an expert.

Do you help with job placement?

Yes! The whole intent of this program is to help you get a job. We have teamed up with a staffing company that has devoted a person to work at our facility exclusively with our clients. She helps with your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview skills and most importantly, getting your resume in front of hiring managers. We work with over three thousand employers in Central Florida who use us for their training requirements. Many of them recruit from us so we get many job leads that are not available to the general public. Over half the jobs we have helped place people in are not even advertised.

About Dewey McGuirk

Career Coach

Dewey McGuirk. WIOA Expert for New Horizons. Unemployment grants, IT Training grants, grants for military spouses

I have over 20 years’ experience in higher education. I, too, was laid off from my position several years ago and had difficulty getting employed again because of my age. Thankfully, I was able to get back into the workforce, but this time on the business side. Then I learned about the WIOA grant and knew what a godsend this could be for people who lost their jobs or people with a low income. Many others do not relish working with it becase of all the red tape. The rules vary from one county to the next and are frequently changing. However, I have always been good at dealing with bureaucratic paperwork. My experience working in colleges gives me an in depth knowledge of the many career choices and what it takes to get placed. I now specialize in assisting veterans, out of work (and low income) workers who may qualify for a government grant that will pay for them to get trained, certified and help them get placed in their career and achieve their goals. Let’s see what you qualify for!

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